Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vanessa and Josh

Wow! I love these two! They drove all the way from Illinois (and went the long way) just to elope here in Crested Butte. I hope they think it was worth it! They were so stinking cute.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last week we went to visit my Bubie who is 96 and still lives alone. She's unbelievably strong and still swims every day that it is warm enough. She has a wonderful outlook on life and is getting very forgetful. She tells me how happy she is at least 2 or 3 times an hour. Then again, who wouldn't be, this is her front yard!
She told me she's doing so well that really, she's just beginning to notice a few wrinkles, but really, not too many. Then she told me her secret to such fine skin...but I won't tell you (it's a secret)! Perhaps wintering in Florida for 60+ years has a magical effect?

The way my family has allowed her to manage alone is by selling her car (so she won't drive anywhere) and hiring an aid to come every day to help her with anything she needs, drive her on errands, and make sure she's still around every day.
Bubie adores her, which helps us feel better about her situation. Citane is Haitian and her father, who is blind, and her two brothers are still in Haiti. They survived the earthquake without injury, but lost everything except what they were wearing. Citane said that if I could send her some things she would forward them along to her family.
So I am collecting locally to ship a box to her, and if you want to help elsewhere, I'd be happy to pass along her address. It's nice to be able to see who you are actually helping! She says they need everything from clothes of all sizes (including warm ones as many people are still sleeping outside) to sheets, towels, diapers, shoes and food. Dry goods, but not any canned food.

So do a little spring cleaning in your closets and feel good about helping! Thank you!

And on to more stuff...
I've found that I am a terrible wildlife photographer. This seagull had a bum leg and didn't move very fast.

Oliver had fun on the beach, even though it was chilly. Sand is sand, and sand is fun!
This is a tradition of Bubie's that has happened since I was Oliver's age (or younger). Every afternoon at 4 we sit on the terrace and have happy hour. She drinks scotch and water and always offers a selection of snacks (she never drinks without eating something!). Usually she serves hummus and pita, crackers and mock liver (which is WAY tastier than real liver, trust me), and chips and salsa. These days I also get to hear how happy she is about four or five times while we are sitting there as well as the story of how happy hour started, two or three times (not that interesting of a story).
Oliver doesn't seem to mind the repetition
It wouldn't be a visit to Bubie's if we didn't sit by the pool.
We had one day warm enough to swim in the ocean. I'll take what I can get!