Friday, July 31, 2009

Tina and Josh

Tina and Josh were a perfect fit for a Crested Butte Wedding. When we met prior to the ceremony to shoot the portraits, Josh showed up on his bike in his biking clothes. His jersey was embroidered with "Tina and Josh, July 18, 2009". So we snapped a few with him all sweaty and Tina all beautiful and dressed, then Josh rode home quickly, changed and met us for the "real" portraits.

They married in the Catholic Church and incorporated Tina's son Justin into the ceremony, where he was presented with a ring as well. It was a really special ceremony, as Josh will soon become his father.

The reception was intimate and lovely, catered by Ashley at Fete. She served trout and Filet Mignon-wow! Since most of the guests were either from Wisconsin or had some connection to that state, they thought it appropriate to start the dancing off with a polka. It was hilarious and everyone had a great time during this very special union.

to see their slideshow, click here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kim and Will

Kim and Will had the quintessential Crested Butte Wedding, and I had the opportunity to shoot in some new places that were really cool! The entire day had a very western, Rocky Mountain feel that suited them so well. Rachael Gardner from Crested Butte Events was instrumental in creating the mood of the day.

The ceremony was held at the Gunsight Pass Bridge, a very quiet and idyllic spot on the Slate River with sweeping views of Mount Crested Butte and Paradise Divide surrounding them. The ceremony was intimate and led by Tim Clark. Sunny, warm and beautiful.

After the ceremony we took some photos in and around the river and then headed to town to take some 'urban landscapes' aka fun barnwood/old shack shots. Little did they know, a surprise horse and carriage was waiting for them. When I suggested they get in, Kim looked at me like she was stealing the ride! Once she figured it out, she was psyched, and they rode around town for a while and then were delivered to the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum.

The tables were set with floral centerpieces mounted on antlers thanks to Keli at Misty Mountain Too and the food was delicious and served by Arrangements- Keely and her staff. Kim and Will danced to the sounds of DJ Triple L and cut and ate one of the best cakes I've tasted made by Robin Cox.

A perfect wedding day, all in cowboy boots. Now that's Crested Butte.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan and Eamon

I absolutely love what I do! How lucky am to be a photographer in Crested Butte, and that I get to spend such a special day (and often outside!) with a couple, and all their friends and families while they celebrate and have a great time. I am constantly surrrounded by beauty and happiness. Wow. Lucky indeed.

Last week was no exception. Megan and Eamon radiated beauty, fun, and of course their love for each other, and the event they threw at the Lazy F Bar Ranch was a perfect setting for the day. The flowers were exquisite and the boutonnieres were very cool, each made of a different 'Hen and Chick" succulent. Original, and with punch.

Perfect weather, great people, awesome time. Congratulations!

To see their slideshow, click here

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This was the second time this week that I had the pleasure of introducing a lollipop to a little boy (sorry moms, it's only a matter of time anyway :)). Ford caught on a little quicker than Jaeger last week (see post below). He loved it all the same and it sure seems to be the trick for getting the smiles. I know, where's the surprise there?

It was fun to see Ford again since it had been exactly a year since I last photographed him , and he was quite a bit more mobile! In the hour that I spent with him, he managed to scrape up both arms and both legs, and he didn't slow down enough to notice.

It was also nice to catch up with his mom and dad, who are expecting number 2 in November!
This family is a really special one for me, since I met them to shoot their wedding, three years ago. And I've been able to watch their family grow. I can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nina and Chris

How does this sound for an ideal wedding weekend?

-See Wilco at Red Rocks
-Drive to Crested Butte in the morning and
-Check into the honeymoon suite at the Crested Butte Retreat
-Then take a hike on a perfect summer day through the wildflowers with your best friend
-Marry him in the woods holding a stunning bouquet of roses and sunflowers (thanks Keli!)
-Later, enjoy dinner in, made especially for two at the Retreat
-Drink champagne and watch the 4th of July fireworks while soaking in your own private hot tub
-Pick up your dogs in the morning and take them on another hike the next day.

Could it get any better? Actually yes. I got to hang out with them for part of it. Nina and Chris were so nice and fun and easygoing. I love what I do. I meet great people. I make new friends. I'm constantly inspired. It makes me happy. I'll stop kvelling now.


It's proving to be a very busy July, but hey, when you live in a resort town, you work holidays, and relax during off seasons. And so it goes...

I got to spend the morning with little Jaeger and his parents. He killed me! I gave him a lollipop, which was the first one he had tried. How funny to watch him! He needed a little practice, and eventually a shirt change. He sat there fixated, and drooling. Profusely. Jaeger managed to sog off the stick in his mouth before he finished the sucker. I'm actually not sure he even sucked at all, more like soaked it.

Little people-such a pleasure :)