Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tricia and Brett

As a photographer in Crested Butte, I'm so lucky with what I have to work with. I spend a lot of time checking out other photographers work, and I realize a lot of the time, that often they need to hide their surroundings because just maybe, someone is getting married next to a parking lot. This is my backdrop, and I can't show it off enough.

When I met up with Brett on his wedding afternoon, he was a bit nervous. Tricia was late, and by the time she arrived we managed to distract Brett enough that he was fully focused on her. She radiated beauty as if she had never been surer in her life. They made a great couple.

This shot of the boys might be one of my favorites- of all time.

As always, Keli at Misty Mountain Floral totally nailed the colors and made some gorgeous bouquets.

We seriously had like three drops of rain, but pulled the umbrellas out anyway, just in case!

To see the slideshow, click here

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tara and Kalon

Tara and Kalon had some really cool details at their wedding. All the flowers came from the local farmers market. The centerpieces were arrangements placed in mason jars tied with raffia, along with olives and cheese, and fresh baked bread from the local Luna Bakery. Delicious!

The cake was make by Erika White. Kalon and Tara decided to cut through all three layers. Never mind "trash the dress". Better to trash the cake, YUM!
I love the hairdo. Very elaborate

Thanks to Rachael Gardner at Crested Butte Events, there were other cool details too. Check out the votives. They're surrounded by soup beans!
Farmers market flowers. Gorgeous, and local

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trisha and Jefferson

When Trisha called me months ago for the first time, she reminded me of one of my closest friends, in her tone of voice, her sense of humor, and her laugh. So when I found out she was moving here to be with Jefferson, I was thrilled. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to see them more!

Their wedding day was beautiful, perfect weather, and a relaxed attitude all around. They had their good friend Dave Ochs ,who is hilarious, marry them at the Club at Crested Butte . I love shooting here because the greens on the golf course offer such dramatic opportunities, but we have to dodge golf balls and run from irate golfers (just kidding Ben!).

The theme was red and Gerber daisies took center stage. Trisha also wore awesome red heels.

Really, really fun day.

Here's the link to the slide show

This is Trisha's best man, Matt. Tim calls this shot "The Matterhorn"